Make things personal for your members, donors and supporters. Our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions are specifically designed for membership organisations and charities, enabling you to deliver engaging, intuitive and personalised experiences.

What does that mean exactly? A truly personal experience is more than just getting their name right on an emailer. It’s using your data and technology to develop a deep understanding of what it is that makes them tick, so you can give them what they need, when they need it, and in the way that works best for them. It means services that are as intuitive, seamless and satisfying as streaming a video or making a last-minute purchase on the move.

The more personal, the better the experience. And happy members, donors and supporters means better results.

  • See your members, donors and supporters in 360°
  • Deliver personalised, engaging experiences
  • Increase acquisition, retention and engagement
  • Optimise your processes and support your teams
Engagement Personalisation Automation

Putting people first

We believe people come before platforms. Which is why our approach begins with working with you to understand what your people – both inside and outside the organisation – need from your technology. It’s a full-picture experience with us; from producing a strategic framework, to solving your pain-points with integrated smart technology, to implementing an ongoing process that uses insights to drive continued growth and success.

With our combined knowledge and experience in the membership and charity sectors, we provide you with the tools to drive digital transformation from within. Putting people and sector experience at the heart of our solutions ensures an enterprise-level architecture that is sustainable and scalable – and that delivers.

Why Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the core platform on which our membership, customer and charity engagement solutions are based. It provides a powerful customer engagement capability that goes beyond simple CRM. Dynamics 365 is could-based and highly customisable, ensuring it works the way you need it to.

Our sector-specific Solution Accelerators for Dynamics 365 allow you to have the best of both worlds. With a proven platform as your foundation, and a solution customised to meet your needs “on top”, designed by a partner that understands the unique challenges you face.

Microsoft Power Platform

Dynamics 365 is part of the Microsoft Power Platform. The power platform covers a variety of feature-rich Microsoft products which give you:

  • Low to No-Code capability
  • Native integration of all Microsoft packages
  • Simple, customisable integration with third party applications
  • Easy automation
  • Intuitive data management
  • Self-sufficiency

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